Mindfulness at Work

Benefits of Corporate Meditation

– Increase in resilience to stress
– Improved mental focus
– Feeling calmer
– Having more patience
– Better ability to listen
– Improvement in emotional intelligence
– Increased focus
– Increased creativity
– Better ability to focus
– Improved relationships at work
– Higher levels of engagement in meetings
– Better decision making
– Improved personal productivity
– Improved listening skills
– Reduced employee turnover
Many companies such as Google, Apple, AOL, Yahoo, Nike, Procter & Gamble, and HBO are already promoting mindfulness on the job and seeing great results!
Aetna reported gain of 62 minutes of productivity per week which translates to $3000 per employee per year PLUS healthcare cost was on average $2000 lower for participants in their Mindfulness at Work Program.
Stress is the root cause of 40% of job turnover and 60% of job absenteeism. Meditation is proven to reduce stress.

How can Schmidt Mediation LLC help?
I partner with corporations to provide customized solutions for your workplace needs. This could include mindfulness for stress reduction, mindfulness for leaders, weekly or monthly mindfulness workshops, or guided meditation. Contact me to learn more. 



Companies we are currently working with or have worked with in the past:

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