Get to Know Sarah

Sarah Schmidt CMMI, AuD

My Story…

I'm a new mom, an audiologist, corporate trainer, former Spinning instructor, swim coach, marathon runner, triathlete, travel enthusiast, wife, and dog mom. Yes, I try to do it all, and with all the responsibility and drive comes stress! I've always been passionate about helping people achieve health goals. 
This is what lead me to the fitness and healthcare profession. 

In 2014, after travel 90% of the time for work, I began to feel 
effect of stress. Mentally I was drained. One day I tried to 
calm my busy brain by practicing some mindful breathing techniques I
picked up from my favorite podcast. To my surprise, they worked! 
After that I started to incorporate longer sessions of mindful breathing
into my morning and evening routines. I noticed my reactions to stressful
events such as delayed flights and lost baggage bothered me less and less.
Night of laying in bed tossing with a mind full of thoughts were gone! 
My anxiety and worry filled brain filled with thoughts of gratitude 
and curiosity for life. Mundane tasks like waiting in line or driving
became exciting because I was tuned into what was really happening. I was 
even making better decisions at work and healthier meal choices.  

I had heard about meditation, but thought it was just for people of a 
certain religion and hippies. Little did I know I was meditating without

Mentally and physically I could feel a difference in my response to 
stress. The events in my life didn't change, but my reaction changed completely. Not only did I notice changes, but my co-workers, friends, and family noticed the changes as well! 

I went on to get my Meditation and Mindfulness Certification from 
the McLean Meditation institute where I studied the history of meditation,the research and science behind why and how meditation works, different types of meditation, and so much more! I cannot wait to share my knowledge 
with you!

My mission is to make meditation easy, affordable, accessible, and contemporary. I work with everyone from stressed out corporate CEOs to busy stay-at-home moms.
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